Where we come from...

Motopi was founded by Lebogang Luvuno, a marketer with a passion for South Africa and its people. She has training and experience in marketing and experience in social development. The business combines the founder's passion, training and experience in marketing, with her passion and experience in social development, to create value for corporates and NPOs alike.

The idea for the company came about when Lebogang was still formally employed in a marketing position by a large multi-national that did not have a clear Corporate Social Investment (CSI) or Socio Economic Development (SED) strategy. She offered to formulate and implement a CSI strategy for the organisation. She found the exercise highly stimulating as she was able to apply her marketing skills to produce a CSI strategy that was not only in line with the organisation's values, mission and product offerings, but also aligned to the country's key focus areas for development. She then assumed the role of CSI champion for the organisation over three fruitful years, during which time she managed to forge long-term relationships between the organisation and several NGOs, and drive overall employee engagement to unprecedented levels. Lebogang found her CSI role extremely fulfilling, despite the fact that it was secondary to her marketing role. In her role as CSI champion, she was exposed to the company's Transformation Strategy and all the BBBEE pillars. She gained a more thorough understanding of the role that each pillar had to play in achieving the country's goals. She was especially intrigued by the relationship between the external-facing pillars - being Socio-Economic Development (SED), Enterprise Development (ED) and Preferential Procurement (PP) - and how those 3 pillars could be utilised to truly change South Africa's economic and social reality.

As her career progressed, it became increasingly difficult for Lebogang to maintain her marketing career and stay involved in Transformation due to the amount of time it demanded from her. She was, however, unwilling to compromise either one of her passions, so she chose instead to pursue both passions through her own consulting company - and thus Motopi was born.