Services Offered

  • Marketing services:

    • Marketing strategy development
    • Cause-related marketing

  • Transformation services:

    • Insight-based SED strategy development, implementation and execution - including corporate brand alignment to SED strategy
    • Staff engagement - driving ownership of SED through volunteerism and matched giving
    • Community and government engagement to establish strategic partnerships in the SED and ED space
    • ED strategy development and implementation support
    • Identification of Enterprise Development (focusing on ED opportunities within SED projects)
    • Internal and external communication of SED and ED initiatives
    • Monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment of SED and ED initiatives

It is important to note that the process above is not a linear one, but is rather more fluid. The process does not always have to start at SED level. Where the process starts is dictated by the context under which the process is being applied, and the parties involved in the process.