What we have done...

In the short time that Motopi has been in existence, it has had a direct impact on organisations as follows:

  • Developed an Enterprise Development Support framework that corporates and SMMEs can use to manage their Enterprise Development partnerships. This framework serves as a solution for corporates who do not have the budget for in-house or external incubators. The aim is to enable all corporates to contribute to the national target of creating of 11 million jobs by 2030 by supporting SMMEs.
  • Through Puo Products (marketing strategy client), assisted in ensuring that bilingual books and other literary products reach under-resourced schools through the Nelson Mandela container libraries project.
  • Tebogo Home for Handicapped Children - Motopi sourced funding for the home to build a much-needed classroom, purchase wheelchairs for 60% of its children, and purchase food and other necessities when government withheld funding to NGOs for a three month period.
  • Friends of Bopasenatla Trust - Motopi provided consulting services that allowed the organisation to strategise and reposition itself in order to raise funds and focus on the right projects. The organisation now provides groceries for 210% more learners and is launching a mentorship project in 2013.
  • Kings Hope Centre and Oasis Clinic - Motopi facilitated the establishment of a mutually-beneficial relationship between Kings Hope Centre and Oasis Clinic (2 NGOs in the healthcare sector), which will see both organisations getting relevant training for their staff, sharing knowledge regarding healthcare systems.
  • House Emmanuel, Manger Care Centre, Orlando Children's Home, Banakekeleni Orphanage, Dorah's Ark, Guild Cottage - Motopi Consulting created a staff-driven programme through its client that will see these organisations benefitting from an employee matched giving programme, as well as skills transfer from the staff to the NGOs.
  • St Josephs Care and Support Trust, Children's Hospital Trust, South African Depression and Anxiety Group - through another client, Motopi secured funding for these NGOs, which will allow them to expand the work that they do to benefit more communities.